outdoorYou’d have to be out of the loop to not have heard about what is sure to be “etched” into history years from today – Pokemon Go.  Whether you have become a participant in this newest obsession – or sit on the sidelines “not quite getting” the fascination – we all can agree that motivating people to get out and walk is positive for all! 


Walking not only helps promote a healthy body but fosters emotional benefits too.  It's is one of the easiest ways to exercise – not to mention…free! Because you already know just how expensive those pricey (and unused) gym memberships are. 

Actually getting outside to walk aligns perfectly with one of the suggestions of refreshing naturally.  In fact, one of our Instagram Days is designed with something very similar in mind.  Scensational Saturday is all about getting out and using your scenses to feel re-energized.  So, Pokemon Go encourages you to get out and use at least a couple of those senses. Dare we suggest that the imagination be considered the 6th sense!?

ScenseSaturdayinstaDo you like a challenge? Need more purpose in your life?  Then, next Saturday, we challenge you to be good to yourself by adding to your to-do list a 15 – 30 minute Scense-cation (Scense Vacation!)  Walk out the back door – drive to a nearby park or walking trail – anyplace where you can stretch your legs and there is nature all around.  Shut out all the thoughts that are weighing you down and focus on your senses.  Look at the beautiful landscape; examine nature at its finest. Consider the flowers, animals and wonder that crosses your path. Hold yourself accountable by giving this gift to yourself.


giveawayEven though we feel that this Scense-cation will be reward enough – we want to offer you a little more in-scentive!  We would love to join you (vicariously) on your little get away.  Send us a pic of where your journey took you and what you saw to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – and we will toss your name in a basket. We’ll draw 4 names out each month and they will each receive 4 of our Air Scense Natural Air Fresheners – that way you can enjoy some of nature’s wonderful scents inside too! Sound good? Are you in? Great. Then we’ll see you Saturday and are eagerly looking forward to your pics!

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