Sure, opposites attract, but it has been well-noted that it’s the compatibility aspect that makes relationships stand the test of time. So it was easy for us to pick Grandma Hoerner’s and her Big Slice Apples as they share our passion for purity. Just in time for back to school, her apple pouches serve as the perfect snack all by itself, with yogurt or mixed with granola. Juicy cooked apples loaded in wholesome ingredients all in a single serve pouch, they’re ready to eat when you are. Pop these pouches in your lunch or workout bag for a healthy, on-the-go snack!

slicesIn fact, we give Grandma Hoerner’s straight A’s for convenience, taste and nutritional value. High marks all the way around! Because you already know how vital diet and nutrition are in impacting a child’s ability to learn. And as is so often the case with food, it’s more about what is not in there. No corn syrup, Non-GMO, made with USA apples and naturally gluten free all in a 100 calorie pouch…what more could one ask for? Think stewed apples with a kick. No kid will be trading these at lunch. And what a great gift for the teacher because an apple a day…well, you know the saying.

Grandma has three lines of delicious pouched apples with 16 flavors in all to choose from. So we got right onto sampling. Hey, it was a sacrifice we were willing to make! Try their Pure Line with for healthy snacking (perfect for the lunch bag) – their Fit Line which promotes energy, power, balance (perfect for the gym bag) and their Luxe line with pure fruit and rich flavors (perfect for an indulgent treat!)

giveaway 1Sounds A+ to us. But we’re done telling you how good these products are. We want you to taste their wholesome goodness for yourself. Three lucky winners will win a peck of pouches (Okay, you got us – we don’t know how much a peck is either – but we are saying it’s 12 pouches.) Want to win? Just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. letting us know which line, Pure, Fit or Luxe you would like to win and we will add your name in. How about them apples? Get your entries in by November 30th!

FYI - one other reason to embrace these naturally refreshing slices is that when you buy Big Slice pouches, they donate a portion of the purchase to the Sparkle charity - blessing women in need. To learn a little more about Grandma Hoerner’s Big Slices.

And by the way…have you seen the “bit” on “Late night with Jimmy Fallon?” It’s where they do a word association with a guy in the audience? We could not stop laughing. So refreshing! In a gist, you start with a word – and then that word makes you think of another word – and so on. Kind of like a word rap.

So we started with “apples” (from Big Slice) – which made us think of honey (dipping apples in honey.) Then we asked ourselves - what can we dip in honey (or rather infuse.) How about oranges (perhaps someone was spraying orange Air Scense while we were contemplating this?) So we decided to search how to infuse honey with oranges.


Off to the local Trader Joes to buy some honey. And guess what? We stumbled upon a pack of sweetened dried orange slices. Could it get any easier? For this DIY – all you need is a glass jar with a lid (well cleaned, of course.) Drop in some orange slices (you don’t have to rinse, peel or boil anything) into the bottom of the jar (we might have gone a little zealous in our example) and fill the jar with honey. Stir the slices around a bit. It won’t take long for the flavor of the orange to start seeping into the honey. Sealed, the honey can be kept for several months.

Now back to our word association. Apples get dipped into honey and honey gets infused with oranges. What can we put our orange infused honey in? How about stirring it into yogurt? Or using it to sweeten a cup of tea? Drizzle it over fresh cut figs or raspberries. Use as a glaze for root vegetables. Or - wait for it - how about dipping apples in our infused honey? How you like me now? (You might have to watch the Jimmy Fallon word association YouTube segment to “get” that last line.)


With such amazing options, you’ll fall in love with apples this season. Aren’t you glad we did our homework? Now it’s time to do yours by entering our contest and shooting us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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