Here we are in the midst of another hotly contested political season; it’s nearly impossible not to feel the tension in the air. Recently, we started to ponder this thought:  Are there really lukewarm voters out there who are still on the fence? Is it reasonable to switch sides this late in the game? It seems like we all have our biases.  

Yet one fact is just unavoidable. There you’ll be sitting down to dinner and before you can even savor that first fork full of food, you’re drawn into the great debate. Uncle Jimmy will be hammering you with all sorts of questions…which candidate is better and why? When it comes down to it, which will you ultimately choose?


So will it be apple or pumpkin pie? Which has your vote after you finally choke down your dinner heading over to the dessert table. 

Ohh…(gasp). Our apologies! With all this hype, you might have thought we were talking about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump? Nope. We learned not to take the bait to debate, especially discussing politics at the dinner table. The two don’t mix. So we’re going to stick with pie and sweat and in that order. 


Whether you choose the one on the left – or the one on the right – it is important to at least weigh the pros and cons of each opponent. 

For instance: What could be more American than apple pie? But does the obvious popularity of pumpkin these days trump the pie that carries the honor of being America’s choice? Just to clear up any confusion – we are talking about the apple pie with a crust – not the apple pie (cider) from our “Spice Up Your Life” post - which calls for “spirits” from a dist-hillary. Both have cinnamon (we already know that is good for you) and are made from natural ingredients. Still tied!

Perhaps it’s how you “spice” them up that will swing the vote with add-ons like ice cream, streusel, dried fruit, chopped nuts or heavy whipping cream leading to a landslide victory. Whew. Now you can wipe that sweat off your brow. It’s just pie! And speaking of sweat, it has got the wheels turning these days. 

Because what’s not up for debate is how alarming the news is that aluminum chloride (aluminium salts) used in most antiperspirants has been incriminated in the number of breast cancer cases in Western societies. Even though the article says that the experimental evidence is limited, this news certainly has us sweating it out! Why take a chance?

While most of us depend on antiperspirants to keep us feeling refreshed – we decided it was time to find a few candidates that might help keep us refreshed, naturally!

In the venting process we discovered that sweat itself is actually odorless. It turns out that the naturally un-fresh odor occurs when proteins (more prevalent in hairier areas) are broken down by bacteria. So get rid of the bacteria…and…well, you get the drift!

Our sniffing around (pardon the pun) produced two natural odor-reducing options; DIY remedies using ingredients that you might find in your home and a surprising large number of natural deodorizers available on store shelves. Time to roll up our sleeves (yup, right up to your armpits) and put them to the test.

Here’s what our efforts bared. Top two favorite “do-it-yourselfers” were witch hazel (a natural astringent) or a mixture of coconut oil (antibacterial properties) and baking powder (odor absorbing.)


Witch hazel - Apply using a cotton ball or pad – or pick up a spray bottle to save time.

Coconut oil and baking soda – Mix equal parts of each to form a soft cream. Apply using cotton balls or pads – or for better control use your fingertips.

Next up – sifting through the store brand ones. Just like conventional deodorants they come in roll-ons, spray and solid sticks. There are crystal and cream based natural deodorants, too. Drum roll please. Favorite solid stick deodorant was - Lavanila Laboratories – The Healthy Deodorant. Our top choice for a roll-on Le Couvent des Minimes - Everyday Deodorant. And our top cream – which might have been our hands down (or rather arms up) top overall choice - Schmidt's Deodorant. Schmidt’s has 6 scents to choose from.

Our Natural Picks

So this political season, sitting down with the family we suggest you tackle one of the “big issues.” Try convincing your loved ones to switch to natural deodorants instead of getting wrapped up in politics. (Isn’t that what Facebook is for? We can barely look at our newsfeed these days!)

So we nominate you to share this post on social media so that the woman in your life avoid those nasty opponents, aluminum salts. Natural and safe always has our vote!

And tell us in the comment section which has your nomination…apple or pumpkin pie. We’d love to hear from you!

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