dogbanner001You’ve heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And while we agree, maybe the adage should have gone on to say… “A dog each day will keep the doctor at bay.” It’s true! Because dog owners not only visit the doctor less for minor ailments, but are less likely to suffer from heart disease, too! Lower blood pressure means dog lovers deal with less stress for an overall healthier and happier life.

Owning a dog refreshes (naturally) you daily on so many levels. Loyal companion. Lends that floppy ear. Faithful friend. Stress reducer. Happy mood maker. Loneliness alleviator. Barks incessantly at his archenemy…. the UPS delivery guy. Okay, scratch that last one! But with all that barking, no one around here bothers to lock any doors; so, add security guard to that list. What dogs ask from us compared to how much they give in return certainly tips the scale in our favor.

And those faithful friends happily live as if their sole purpose is to satisfy our needs. So, if you’ve had an “off-day” where you just don’t feel like exercising, it seems as though Fido always is able to reel you in for that daily walk. Those pleading eyes? That wagging tail? Uh-huh. Right? Before you know it, the leash is in your hand.

Maybe it’s time to return the favor to man’s best friend. Besides the obvious - a loving home, scratch behind the ears and a new squeaky toy, how about ensuring that what we feed them matches what we believe about naturally nutritious foods? Let’s agree it should be free from artificial ingredients, icky by-products, preservatives, etc. (As a side note…. when you get to the nitty gritty ingredient list of what really is in dog food, most of us would pass out. Seriously.)


Because sometimes it is as much about what isn’t in the food being digested as what is – right? Reality is, most of the traditional pet foods being sold on store shelves are not what we are hoping to pump into our pets. Things like carcinogens, moldy grains and artificial colors and dyes are unfortunately the norm, not the unusual. We find this unacceptable. One company/brand that we think is doing a fantastic job in their offerings of natural pet products is PetGuard! In fact, the Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit watchdog group lists PetGuard as one of the safest dog food companies in existence. It’s no wonder. PetGuard has no antibiotics, no added growth hormones, and zero potentially harmful pesticides in their products!

So back to your best friend! While admittedly it is fun to watch the Westminster Dog Show and root for our favorite breed, dog competitions like this only give recognition to the physical and genetic attributes of a dog. How about those other qualities that make our dog a “winner” in our own eyes? Perhaps your dog would win “Best in Heart” for being the most lovable, furry friend imaginable! Or does your dog deserve the honor of the “Best in Comforting” for always being there to cheer you up when you are feeling blue?

We think it would be refreshing to acknowledge some of these important traits of our four-legged, tail-wagging friends so we are holding our own contest. However, instead of “Best in Show” by breed – it will be “Best in Character”! We have created the following 5 categories for the competition: Best in Heart, Best in Companionship, Best in Intelligence, Best in Bravery, and Best in Comfort.

Does your pooch deserve to take home the prize? We want to “meet” him. All you need to do is send us an email with your dog’s name, a favorite pic (or even short video clip) and the category he/she should be considered for. We will share as many pics as we can on our website and Facebook pages… after all, looking at pictures of dogs is refreshing, too!


These winning dogs deserve a little something to go with the honor. Right! So, they will also receive a basket ($100 value) filled with PetGuard’s Naturally Delicious & Nutritious dog food as well as a few of our Citra Solv Natural Cleaning Products & Air Scense Natural Air Fresheners to help keep their home looking and smelling great! Here’s how to enter: Click HERE to View "Best in Character" Contest Page

Speaking of food for thought, we’ll leave you with this quote that hangs on our wall.

“A dog is a blessing and some think it’s true…the only thing better is if you have two.”  

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