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When we asked our Air Scense users to show us on video why they needed Air Scense, they really made a stink about it! We had so much fun watching them air their grievances, and everyone came out smelling like a rose.

Here's how much the last contest stunk!

The stinky details of our "6 Seconds to Air" contest:

6 Seconds to Air (Scense) Got a minute? Actually, less than that! In our new video contest, Citra Solv wants you to air your grievances – or at least your odors! Just use your cell phone, ipad, ipod, or even good old fashioned video camera to show us in a few seconds what stinks. Literally. It could be your gym shoes, a wet dog, last night’s fried fish dinner, or the wet dog eating last night’s fried fish dinner. When you see (or sniff) something that makes you wish you had a can of air freshener – make a stink about it! Record it on your cell phone and send it to us.  See how much the last contest stunk!

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